"Sthiram Sukham Asanam"

Proper Exercise (Asana)

Proper Breathing (Pranayama)

Proper Relaxation

Positive Thinking & Meditation (Dharana & Dhyana)


Welcome to School of Yoga

School of Yoga is founded with our passion for yoga and we would love to spread that love to more and more people.

We do not only teach yoga, we seek to create a yoga community where we can share daily matters, stress at work or problems in life. Yoga is the great recipe to communicate and balance your mind and body.


Why You Should Try Yoga

What is yoga, and why is it so popular? Yoga is a series of stretches and poses that you do with breathing techniques. It offers the powerful benefits of exercise. And since yoga is gentle, almost anyone can do it, regardless of your age or fitness level.

Yoga is a 5,000-year-old discipline from India. It was developed as a practice to unite the mind and body. There are many branches of yoga. All yoga styles can help balance your body, mind, and spirit, but they achieve it in various ways.


Our Mission

School of Yoga inspires our community to live empowered, creative, vibrant lives through the practices of yoga and meditation.

Our vision

Yoga will lead to an inspired life – one in which our true nature of clarity, happiness and peace are cultivated, so that we may experience the challenges of our human lives with an open-hearted ease.

Founder's Message

The ultimate goal of yoga is, however, to help the individual to transcend the self and attain enlightenment. As the Bhagavad-Gita says, “A person is said to have achieved yoga, the union with the Self, when the perfectly disciplined mind gets freedom from all desires, and becomes absorbed in the Self alone.” 

Admission Open

KIIT School of Yoga

KIIT is today one of the most prestigious institutions in India. Its commitment to teaching excellence led to the grant of university status under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956 by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Govt. of India in 2004, within only seven years of its inception. KIIT is relatively young, but prizes excellence and ambition. The contributions of KIIT's faculty, students and alumni have been earning national and international recognition.

Contact Us

We are pleased to serve you. Feel free to contact us.

KIIT Road, Chandaka Industrial Estate,

K I I T, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751024

Phone: 0674 274 0326

Founder: Prof. Achyuta Samanta